is a blog that is about providing a working hostel for men and women in India. India is a developing country that has a growing services sector. With more and more jobs pouring in, there is a need for the workforce to fill in these job opportunities. With increasing urbanization, more and more people are venturing from small towns and villages and moving into cities for better career and income prospects. Very often, people come on their own and do not have a place to stay. In such a situation, a working hostel for men and women is a boon for women and men who want a place to stay and are on their own. Very often they cannot afford to pay substantial rent, and often security is a significant problem. A working hostel for men and women offers several advantages concerning boarding and lodging as well as providing security. Especially in the case of single women who are trying to earn a living, security and safety is a very significant aspect. This blog gives you an idea of how to look for the right working hostel depending on the facilities that are available as well as the distance from the place of work. It also gives you an insight into the experiences of people who are currently living or have lived in a working hostel. By sharing several ideas, people will be able to find out which hostel is appropriate for them, depending on the location, the facilities and other conveniences such as food, prices, etc.