If you are planning for a holiday and wish to earn money in your vacation, you can think about taking a job in a hostel. There are lot of benefits tostay in a hostel like a community. You can get affordable accommodation, share your food and get lot of friends. Most people confuse between working in a hostel and working hostels. Both the term have a lot of differences. Working in a hostel means a backpacker works in a hostel in exchange for low cost or free accommodation or cheaper weekly fees. Working hostels are occupied by backpackers who work on a local basis. They pay rentals on weekly basis for long term.

When you share your rooms in working hostels, you come across people of different origin and culture. Here are the things you learn while staying at working hostels.

Talk more to travel cheap: It is natural to share a room with a person who has already traveled a lot. When you share your experiences, he/she would tell some tips and information on how to save money. In some cases, backpackers will be trying to reduce their luggage by eliminating things like bus tickets, phone credit, camping gear, etc. When you be social, there are chances to get those things at a reasonable price or free of cost.

Know the locals: It is important to mingle with the locals for some great deals. Most hostels sell few local activities at the reception. It means local activity providers advertise through the hostels they visit regularly. You can get introduced and there are chances for you to get a free activity. If you share your experiences, then the activity providers may feel impressed and would wish to give you a free activity. It is almost like word of mouth marketing.

Enter with an open mind: Working hostels are filled with people from different places. You need to be open-minded to accept their habits and culture. Everybody is different and you may be different from other’s point of view. It is a place where you would witness people from different walks of life. Be yourself and accept other’s culture in an open mindset.


Home away from home: When you are living and working in a hostel for a couple of months, you will be surrounded with a group of people, open individuals, which you have never met in your city. Working hostels for girls should be maintained clean just like your home. The owner may offer basic amenities like internet services, free excursions, etc. You will find living with people who share common interests and dislikes.

Scoring better jobs: Some working hostels of men aim to offer better jobs for backpackers finding jobs in other country or locations. You may be working hard and have had proved your potential to the boss, which he/she, in turn, would be willing to refer an overseas job perfect for your talents. It is recommended to work for at least a few months to showcase your talents and potentialities.

Learn new languages: When you are in a working hostel, you would easily start to learn four to five languages. As you communicate with your friends, you would start to learn their language and they, in turn, learn from you. It is an excellent feature of staying in a working hostel.

Get employable skills: If you have plans to travel and work overseas, you can easily get an exceptional career option by living at the working hostel. Hostel work is difficult and you have to spend lot of time. But when you stick to this job for a long time, you can gain respect from hostel managers and associates. It means they are ready for references.

Cooking can reduce weekly budget: You will learn to delicious meals by yourself when you are ata working hostel. This way, you do not have to buy food and save money on the weekly budget. You will be given a fully working kitchen and you can enhance your cooking skills by preparing meals for yourself and for your friends.

Be prepared to say Good-Bye: Though you may be meeting amazing people from time to time, you should also be prepared to say good-bye regularly. They may visit and go but still, you can keep in touch with several social media channels.

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