What is your prime priority when you look for a hostel? There are so many priorities depending on each individual like security, hygiene, 24 hrs services and more. But one thing we all wish is that the hostel should meet our requirements more or less like our home. It should make us feel happy and relieve us from our daily stress. Therefore if you are looking for a hostel, make sure to check out the following basic amenities as without which it is not worth being called a hostel.

Security lockers are a must in every hostel

There can be no hostel without a security locker. One of the prime reasons we look for a hostel is to secure our belongings. If a hostel fails to provide such a simple primary facility, what else can we expect a hostel to be? Every room in the hostel must have a security locker with the size to store at least a laptop or a camera. With the increasing case of theft in hostels, it has now become very eminent to own a private locker in our room.

Most of the time, the hostel advertises offering rooms with lockers. But the reality when one witness is a small box enough to store a wallet or a snack. Therefore, make sure to check the room and locker before finalizing your decision. Also, never believe in pictures or videos. Trust only first-hand information which you or your friends have seen.

The power supply must be 24/7

The biggest challenge our country faces is the electricity problem. There is so much shortage of power in our country. Hence, it is now essential for every individual place to have inverters. Ensure your hostel also provides a 24/7 power supply. If you find difficulties finding a hostel that supplies power 24/7, then you can consult inverter battery dealers in Chennai. They will help you because they must have provided an inverter for many hostels.

Hostel Dormitory Clean Beds Arranged For Relaxing In Youth Hostel Room.

Professionals and students usually take hostels. They need continuous power for studies and also for day to day activities. You sure will not like to be welcomed by darkness and heat after a long hectic day at university or your office. So, ask for 24/7 power and only then proceeds with your decision.

A common kitchen is a life-saver for tight budgeters

Budding professionals and students usually fill hostels. They sure are on a strict budget and cannot afford outside meals. They try to minimize the expense by cooking food at home and are also useful for the dieters. If your hostel provides a separate kitchen or a shared kitchen, it indeed is a plus point for you. With the help of a kitchen, you can easily manage your fixed expenses and also eat healthy foods at home.

Cleanliness is another prime priority

Most of the city hostels are faced with the same common problem, which is cleanliness. It would be better if someone administers the hostel cleanliness and maintains it. No person would like to stay in a place that also houses rats, cockroaches, and other pests. A good hostel is one which keeps its surroundings clean. So, if you do not want to fall sick or have any health-related problems, then make sure to spend your money in such a place where they prioritize cleanliness.

The Hostel Kitchen Has Basic Essentials.

24/7 water supply

The water problem is prevalent almost all over the country. You sure do not want to end up in line for water outside your hostel waiting for the common water tankers. You are simply not spending money on a room but also with other basic facilities that every hostel must-have. Water is the most basic facility a place must offer. If it fails to supply water, then it is of no use to spend a considerable amount of money just to face unfavoured circumstances. Water problems may delay almost all your work like cooking, getting ready for your workplace, laundry and many more. Therefore choose wisely and carefully.

Common guest area

Many hostellers mostly avoid this facility. It will be beneficial if visitors have a common area than entering the main dorm area. It helps to keep the privacy of the roommates and also does not disturb anyone. So, if there’s a guest area, it is another start added to the hostel. Check Out – the tips and tricks for common areas & lounges.

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